• Servicing South East Queensland & Northern NSW

    For over 20 years we have been helping improve the interior and exterior of buildings from unit homes to some of the biggest high rises throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

  • Specialising in:

    Hi-Rise Repaints, Body Corporate Work, Hi-Rise Repaints, Concrete Painting, Large Walk Up, HP Water Blasting, Concrete Cancer Repair, & more...

  • We also:

    Paint Homes & Town Houses, Unit Repairs, New Buildings, Special Effects, Texture Coatings, Roof Repairs, Timber Painting.

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About Us

Angel Painting Pty Ltd, is a fully licensed and insured painting and maintenance company which has been professionally established for the past two decades. Angel Painting works to beautify, professionalise, repair and maintain the interior and exterior of any building, from unit homes, to some of the biggest high rises in South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Angel Painting specialises in water blasting, concrete cancer and plaster repairs, texture coating, special effects, roof sprays, stencil finishes and other general maintenance, each competitively priced. All of the services provided by Angel Painting have been of the highest standard, with an impeccable record for accuracy and customer satisfaction. Angel Painting hopes to be your future choice for the care and individualisation of your home and business building endeavours.

BSA LIC 1181543